What makes Indian graduate students in the USA so resilient and resourceful?

Hey, Jimmy, don't worry about what people think about you. Don't be offensive, but you can speak your mind even if it is broken English. The Americans, or Indians for that matter, cannot speak even broken Chinese, so why should you feel bad about yourself. Language is a tool for expression, so as long as you convey the message, it does not matter what accent it is in.

I don't think Indian people have anything special. We just think that our English is not that bad and I don't think many Indians feel inferior because they have a different accent than the Americans.

It is commendable that many of Asian students learn to speak English at college age which is really hard especially if there are sounds that do not exist in the native language. You should be happy about that. Don't worry, people have many more things to worry about than the accent of other people.

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