What should I do when I feel shattered upon seeing students from IIT’s get placed at whopping packages of which one can only dream of?

This is exactly the response that media is going for. I feel really sad to see this. Please do not be sad. I don't know why the salary of people has to be declared in the newspapers. It is a real bad practice. Anyway, I wrote another answer to a similar question which will dispel the myth surrounding these "packages":
Brijesh Kumar's answer to I am hearing the packages of 1.5 crores and 75 lakhs these days in IIT campus placements. Where are they made to do their work, in the US or India?

Actual salary is only ~USD 125,000.  These newspapers and IIT placement people need to stop lying. After  taxes, you only make ~$77,000 out of which you will have to pay at least  ~$30,000 a year to get a reasonable apartment. So, after rent and taxes, you get ~$50,000 which is Rs.30 lacs. I am assuming working in California.

Don't  believe these stupid lies. We do more advertisement for Google and  Facebook than they do for themselves. I don't know when will we Indians  stop propagating these lies.

Most of the salaries that you hear include one time stock in the company which will only be available 3-4 years down the road.

and another answer:
Brijesh Kumar's answer to Which is the most over-rated profession in India?

Imagination  of people of how good a job at Google or Facebook is, either in India  or US. They extract every penny that they put into you and much more.  "There is no free lunch." as they say in US. Unfortunately, people think  that if you get a job in these companies, your life is set. But, the  misery is just starting. They want to devote your whole life to the  welfare of these companies.

An example of exploitation by these  companies: Now one of the supposed perks of working in these companies  is that women can freeze their eggs so that they don't have to waste  their youth in taking care of their kids. Unimportant things like having  kids can wait, there is more important business to do: Make money for  the poor people at these companies, who are poor that they only have  gazillions of dollars. They are in real lack of money. Silicon Valley just got darker: freezing female employees' eggs is anything but kind – Telegraph

What  a wonderful life? You will be running after your kids at 75 when you  should be running after your grandkids. Where is the society going?

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