What would happen (practically) if IITs and other top rung colleges admit students from the bottom of the list or from the last ranks?

Assuming that IITs don't declare this fact before JEE, so truly, the lowest ranked people enter IITs, the following things will happen:
  1. 100% result. 100% students fail.
  2. Higher suicide rate because students are unable to cope with their studies.
  3. Growth of student unions, etc.
  4. Violence and other problems plaguing other universities in India will happen in IITs
This is because most of those students will not be interested in studies. They will be interested in other things.
These exams are ideally meant to find the best fit of students and colleges. The colleges want students with a particular background and training for being successful in their courses and they design their exams accordingly. It is good for the students too because they are able to recognize whether they will be able to handle the high academic pressure of places like IITs.
So, it is a case of rich getting richer. People rich in science are getting richer in science and technology. People rich in arts should look elsewhere for getting richer in arts. People rich in sports should look elsewhere to get rich in sports.
No one is getting poorer, people just need to find that they are rich in.

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