What’s the difference between not having money in America vs not having money in India?

Being poor in America is harder than being poor in India.

Basic necessities such as healthcare are very expensive in US even after Obamacare. There are practically no free or close to free hospitals. An example of exorbitant medical costs in US is that my friend got an x-ray done on his wrist. The bill was USD 800, 7 years ago. I am sure today the cost would be $1000 or more. In India, you can easily find free government hospitals.

Outlook of people is very different. In India, most people look upon poor people sympathetically. But, in US, poor people are parasites on the society and most of the people look down upon them. Whereas, the capitalists are god-given angels who have descended upon this earth to be the job-creators. What a load of crap? I can't stand this statement that most people make in US in favor of the capitalists. They are not creating jobs to help others. They are creating jobs to help themselves.

Finding company. The truck drivers in US are usually alone. They travel 1000s of miles alone. Truck drivers are usually never alone in India. Same with beggars. I have seen beggars in Minneapolis downtown, but have never seen two in close proximity. In India, even if you are a beggar, you will have some company.

Footpath as your home. In India, you are free to live anywhere even if you are homeless. You can find a footpath somewhere. In US, police are frequently seen harassing beggars who are standing on the sidewalk.

Drugs is another big problem amongst the poor people in US. Whereas, in India it is not that big a problem.

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