What’s wrong with the US healthcare system?

In America, fear rules. Therefore, doctors and lawyers are the highest paid amongst all professions. Doctors are not there to help others, but rather they are there to make money, lots of it. So, they are completely subservient to the insurance and drug companies. As a result, healthcare is extremely expensive and unfair. An example, a wrist x-ray in US costs $800 and it costs $3 in India. Is it done by more qualified people in US? Yes it is, but is it done by a 300 times more qualified person in US than in India? The answer is no.

Another example (of unfairness): If you go through insurance, the clinics/hospitals charge only 50% (to the insurance companies) of what they would charge a person without insurance. If they should give any discount, it is to a person without insurance, not to the insurance companies. It is a RUTHLESS system. Many well to do people have become bankrupt in US because of illness.

Another reason that it is very expensive is because of extremely litigious culture in US. Everybody is ready to sue everybody for even small things. So, the doctors have to pay for their own insurance, is case anybody sues them. It is a vicious cycle that is being controlled by insurance companies.

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