Why are so many of these Indians obsessed with IIT and IITIANS?

I don't think Indians are obsessed with IITs as much as Indians on Quora are obsessed with IITs. I think young college going engineering students would be the biggest Indian demographic on Quora, which skews our perception of Indians.

Actually, I also dislike that so many questions on Quora asked by Indian people are about IITs. I have 22 A2A requests currently and out of that 14 questions are about IITs or engineering or MS abroad. I would much rather answer questions about different topics and read about different topics. I would like that our youth would open our minds and ask questions and discuss various social issues, like what happened in France or what is happening in Syria. I hardly see any Indian people participating on those topics that affect people all over the world. We are just living in our cocoon of IITs or BITS or MS or job. There is no awareness of problems of the world. So, our small problems appear huge to us.

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