Why do an increasing many Indians on Quora not hold civilized, to the point and logical conversations, like the Americans do?

There is an obvious reason for this difference. The average age of Indian users on Quora is much lower than that of people from other countries, so the difference in experience (that comes with age and life events) is quite palpable in the questions as well as the answers along with the upvoting trend. You can see catchy phrases or sentences getting lot (I mean, a lot more) upvotes than well thought out longer answers.

Another difference is that our education and society are failing, because even basic things are not taught to children (I am not comparing with America here). The only thing that is taught is how to get marks. Inner qualities like humility, compassion, tolerance, etc. are not at all taught. So, when these students reach college age (which make up the large portion of Indian user base on Quora), they are quite inexperienced in dealing with others. Moreover, the younger generation role models, like, Yo Yo Honey (materialism), Virat Kohli (arrogance), etc. are corrupting the minds of youngsters even further.

Another reason is that a lot of emphasis is paid to articulating oneself clearly in American society. I found that people are very precise in their expression, e.g., a pothole, a manhole, a ditch, etc. would be called by the same word (gaddha) by most hindi speakers, whereas in America, they would use precise words. This culture of good expression permeates in their answers as well.

Other things are acceptable, but we need to teach our kids more about life than just mugging up things and vomiting it out in exams. In a joint family, you could learn a lot from your grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. but in today's world, what to speak of grandparents, you don't even get to learn from your siblings as most people have only 1 or 2 children. In such nuclear settings, people become selfish and inconsiderate towards others. We have gone from joint to nuclear families without compensating for the training that was provided by other members of the extended family. "It takes a village to raise a child." Unfortunately, the village consists of an empty home with a television and other gadgets and the child sees other two members of the village (mother and father) at 7 pm (in case, both are working) and he goes to bed by 9 pm. Where is the training in life lessons for the child?

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