Why do boys in India not marry a girl who has a darker skin color than them, although the reverse is very common?

This is true not only in India but in US as well. Most black-white interracial couples consist of a black man and a white woman.

If someone prefers a more beautiful woman, people don't see it as wrong. Why do they feel annoyed if someone prefers a "whiter" woman? I don't understand the difference between the two. I feel both of them are equally bad, if you take that as a sign of a "shallow" man.

Women are much more complex than men (in every relationship). Most men just go after looks whereas women look for more sophisticated reasons. In America, it is much easier to find rich men with much younger wives rather than rich women with much younger husbands.

Women also work really hard to make themselves look good. All the makeup, jewellery, plastic surgery, agonizing heels, etc. mainly cater to women. I feel bad for them. Why do they go through so much pain? Men are anyway attracted to them, even if they did not have all those accessories. It has now just become a competition to show off their best accessories and makeup and clothes. The fashion and cosmetic companies are making a killing in this competition among women.

We are not as rational as we believe, especially men, when choosing their life partners. Men and women are not the same. They can never be the same because they think very differently. We should accept this fact about our differences and embrace it rather than try to homogenize everything in the name of political correctness.

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