Why do most people in India value others on the basis of the money they possess?

This has become a real problem in India in the last 20-25 years with the rise of capitalism. People are just caring about money. They have forgotten that life is to be happy and not collect more and more money. I will list down a few examples of this:

  1. Jaguar (a fancy car) in a small city: My hometown is about 200 km from Delhi and the closest service center for Jaguar would be in Delhi. But, it is quite common to see Jaguar in India which costs ~Rs. 1,00,00,000. I don't know the exact figure but I think I am in the ballpark. Why would you want to buy such a car when you cannot drive fast in a city with very poor roads and you have to travel more than 200 km one way  to get it repaired. Does it make any logical sense except to flaunt your wealth?
  2. Newspapers reporting the salary of IIT graduates. Oh my God! Just a horrible culture. Already students are under so much stress. Then the reports come that someone got a salary of Rs. 1,32,00,000 which is incorrect by the way. They don't get this as salary but it includes stock options and other "perks". Then, they don't tell how much they have to spend in a place like California to rent a small apartment. They don't tell that US government is going to take away 40% of that in taxes. Practically, no newspaper reported IIT salaries in 2003 when I entered IIT. I had no idea of what my salary would be after IIT, nor did I think about it.
  3. Hindi movies: There are practically no realistic movies made now a days. Some stupid plot (if there is any) and skin show, big houses, foreign countries, foreign women, foreign cars, foreign motorcycles and you have a bollywood movie. They are promoting more and more materialism.
  4. You can buy practically anything using money including people, their character, their morality, their support, elections, etc. Money buys power and power is valued by everybody. We are really failing as a society as we have practically no standards about how low we can go for money. Almost everyday we read in the newspaper about a government servant's house being raided and 100s of crores being found in black money. I don't know when we will get out of this cycle of corruption.

I can go on but, you get my drift. We are becoming more and more materialistic, where everything that matters to us can be bought using money and hence people value others based on how much money they have.

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