Why do most vegetarians in India dislike non-vegetarian food without even tasting it?

Because I can’t stand the suffering that the animal has gone through before reaching the chef’s hands. His neck has been broken. His stomach has been cut open. His guts have been poured out. His eyes have been plucked out. His blood has been drained. Then the flesh is cut with a knife.

I can die but can never eat non-vegetarian for this reason. Can’t bear to see the pain of the animals. Can’t imagine the struggle of the animal when the butcher or a machine is cutting it. He is struggling to survive and we are willfully killing it. How can I eat that and support such slaughter? Just can’t.

Forget taste, even if it gives me longer life, I won’t eat it. Even if it makes me 10 times stronger or 10 times more intelligent, I still won’t eat it. The question of taste never even enters my mind after seeing meat. All I see is the horror of a dead animal.

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