Why do people think IIT Roorkee is the worst IIT?

I hate it when the students say that IIT Roorkee is the worst. Why did you not do anything about it to change it when you were here or are still here? You are now protesting that you should get non-vegetarian food. When did I hear of a protest asking for better teaching? Was there any in the last 15 years? There was a protest about asking for reinstatement of Thomso. Where was the protest about having better labs?

If IIT Roorkee is the worst, it is because the priorities of the students are wrong. It will change if the students want it. I agree that the students can't change everything, but, get your priorities right. IIT Roorkee can become the best if the students want it. But, they are busy with other "important"  activities, like getting the best companies to come to Roorkee. If you are the best, you don't have to beg them to come to you. THEY will come to you and you will have to drive them away because you don't have enough students to fill their positions.

I am sorry if I hurt anybody, but I see no desire to change the status quo.

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