Why do students in top Indian technical universities cheat in their exams? Why are they so proud of it?

I had seen the question referenced in this question earlier and was really appalled at the stupidity shown by the students in answering the question with such candor. What was even more disheartening was the pride that the students took in fooling their teachers when in essence the only person that they were fooling were themselves. I know I will get a lot of flak for saying but the many students in IITs or other engineering colleges are really of very poor quality, these days. The only thing that they are interested in is money. They don't care about knowledge. They would do anything to make money.

People have always been interested in making money, but to make money by unfair means was considered bad, previously. But, now a days, all that matters is the end result. As long as you are "successful," nobody cares how many people you cheated or misbehaved with, people salute you. E.g., Steve Jobs, etc. Engineering students are really "intelligent." They know that in the end, all that is going to matter in today's materialistic society is how much money you make, by hook or by crook. So, why work hard when you can make money by cheating in the exams and get a high paying job at the end?

There is a major shift in the focus of student in the last 15 years or so where most students study with just one goal: Get a high paying job at the end in ANY damn company. They will go into a company just because it pays Rs. 10,000 more even though they would much better fit in another company which pays less.

I would venture out further and say that the students today are even more focused than we were about 10 years ago on one thing: Making money. Many of us were really confused about what we would like to do. But, today, it is easy for many students, because all they want to do is make money. So, they are very focused. They don't study their subject. They learn how to make apps for Android. It is just appalling that they are spending their time in IIT learning apps for Android which they could have learned in a few months outside IIT. Why do they do it? Because they are very short-sighted as it would get them the highest paying job when they get out of IIT. They are busy doing things that would get them the highest paying job. E.g., they do extra-curriculars because they think it would get them into high-paying consulting companies. As they are not studying their subjects, they have to resort to cheating to pass in the exams.

Some faculty and colleges as a whole are also to blame for it. It is important to have discipline as it is really hard for students to self monitor. So, there should be stronger vigilance by the teachers and harsher punishment for offenders to stop this culture of cheating.

The society is slowly getting rid of the concept of regret for one's mistakes. Most of the new age people don't see anything wrong in anything. They say that as long as I don't harm others, I will do what I want. It is a really frivolous idea. A really stupid one. It assumes that every human is capable of making decisions about what is harmful for others. So, most engineering students don't see any harm in cheating, they do it and proudly announce it for the world to see their stupidity.

A human being without regret for his mistakes is no human at all. "No regrets" is a slogan that will only attract foolish and extremely arrogant people.

I feel ashamed to be associated with students who do such shameless cheating. I feel ashamed to be associated with students who are shameless to announce their lack of character to the whole world. I feel ashamed to be associated with such students who are so foolish to put their engineering degree on the line for gaining some "street cred" on an online forum. I am sorry to all who assume that all students of IITs and NITs would have some character and some brains. You are mistaken.

PS: I am really hurt by the answers to the other question. This answer is primarily directed at the students who brag about their stupidity for the whole world to see. I don't mean to say every engineering student is doing these primarily for money but many are. I am sorry if it hurt anybody's feelings. Please understand that bad teachers or courses do not justify cheating and bragging about it for the world to see how great a cheater you are. Moreover, I am not saying that students are solely responsible for it. The society is and the teachers are too. But, the thief carries the primary responsibility for stealing, not lax police or abusive parents, etc.

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