Why does America continue to support Pakistan in spite of Pakistan hiding Osama bin Laden?

The question should be, "Is America really supporting Pakistan?" Maybe they are supporting Pakistani government by "bribing" them with foreign aid, but if I were a Pakistani civilian, I would not want this "support." There have been more than 380 drone strikes in Pakistan and so many innocents have been killed. I was watching a documentary on drone strikes in Pakistan, where a Pakistani child was saying that he is afraid of blue skies. The reporter asked him why. He said, "Because drones strikes don't take place on cloudy days." So many civilians die in these drone strikes along with the "terrorists." When they account for civilian casualties, EVERY able-bodied male is considered a terrorists unless CIA has concrete evidence that he was innocent. Source: The folly of drone attacks and U.S. strategy – CNN.com

So, America keeps expanding their military-industrial complex by bribing the Pakistani government to shut up and let their own innocent people die. I don't think they are "supporting" Pakistan.

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