Why don’t South Indian people realize that eating food with hands (in public) while abroad just makes them look illiterate?

"Why don't the western people realize that wearing revealing clothes in India makes them appear loose in character?" Did you ever ask this question to them?

When we apply for a visa, we do not sign a document saying that we will follow American customs. We should do whatever we like to do. Why should we change our system for some stupid customs that other people have designed? How the hell does eating using fork and knife make you literate?

Literacy is to be able to use the best possible method to do something. When people eat dosa with fork and knife they are being illiterate in the name of literacy. In fancy restaurants in India, I pity the people who eat these dishes with fork and knife, just to show off. I would much rather do what is convenient to me rather than be a so called "literate."

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