Why don’t Southern India and Sri Lanka form a new country?

Since you asked me to answer this question, you probably don't know that I am from North India, working in North India.

Since you are so ashamed of being associated with dirty, poor and rapist north Indians, I would recommend you to emigrate to Sri Lanka. They would be happy to have you. Then you can have your money and prestige. It is more realistic possibility than South India joining with Sri Lanka to form a New Lanka. Even if it happens, you would probably die by that time. Run, Anonymous Run to Sri Lanka. She is waiting for you with open arms. Leave the association with North India forever.

But, the irony is when you visit western countries, they will call you Indian, not Sri Lankan because you look like one and India is the most well known country from the Indian subcontinent.

PS: I have many south Indian friends and students who don't have any such feelings. Since, you are in a minority group of probably a single person, immigration to Sri Lanka is the best option.

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