Why is it that most Indians think government employees do not work at all?

Most likely you are an exception.

Maybe they are underpaid, but not as underpaid as some people slogging for 12 hours a day in MNCs. Even granted that they are underpaid, but, if you go to any office, it is a nightmare to deal with government employees. Every time you go to them for some work, it is like a big mountain has fallen on their head and they are in so much pain. They act as if they are doing a big favor to you and talk to you very horribly.

Just ask any of the students from IIT Roorkee and you will know how they treat them. And, IIT is considered to be better than most govt. offices in India. And, I am a faculty here and if I am treated this way, you can only imagine how the students would be treated! I have been in IIT for last six months and I can tell you:
1. Dealing with SBI was a nightmare
2. Dealing with payroll was a nightmare
3. Dealing with BSNL was a nightmare
4. Dealing with housing department was a nightmare
5. Dealing with cleaning department was a nightmare
6. Dealing with maintenance was a nightmare
7. Dealing with RTO was a nightmare
If everywhere you go, this is the treatment you get, there is something wrong with the system as a whole.

And, if govt. employees feel that being underpaid is a justification for not doing your job properly or not treating other people like human beings, they should find another job which pays them more. But, if you are accepting the salary and continuing your employment, it is your duty to provide the service that you have been assigned.

PS: I am a govt. employee who has to deal with other govt. employees. Sorry, for not showing any sympathy.

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