Why is it that most of the Indians try for government jobs though they can go beyond that?

[A2A] Everyone should do whatever makes him happy. Opening a business is no better than working in a government job. Opening a business is the new cool thing. Why? I don't know. Again, it is because of the "success" stories of many people who open businesses. We don't hear of the businesses that fail and leave the founders in debt. In my opinion, Ambani is no more "successful" than my mother, who is a housewife.

I think we should blame our system, where we have these stupid exams like UPSC (it has about 10 papers). How else is one supposed to clear these exams without preparation for a couple of years?

Now coming to the original question: Why do people take up government jobs?

  • Job security: It is almost impossible to be fired from a government job in India.
  • Prestige: In India, a lot of prestige is attached to a government job, especially IAS.
  • Recognition: One just has to tell anyone about your employment title and you are immediately recognized. Even if you are big businessman in your town, if you go to any other town, it will be hard to get the same recognition as a government employee.
  • Salary: The salary in government jobs is quite good for the towns that you live in. 50,000 in a small town like Bhilai is better than 1,00,000 in Bangalore or Hyderabad.
  • Facilities: Many organizations provide free housing to their employees. There are many other such facilities that different government employees get.
  • Dearness allowance: Government increases the salary of all its employees twice every year based on the rate of inflation.

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