Why is life so difficult in India?

If a western person were to make an image of India from just seeing bollywood movies, his image of India would be: "India is a place where there is a lot of color and they are really melodramatic people and girls and boys start dancing in the middle of the street for no apparent reason." You are making a similar mental picture about the west by seeing their movies.

There is competition in the west, everywhere, even in schools, may be of a different kind:

  • Who will make it into the football or soccer or cheer-leading team?
  • Who will get the "hottest" girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • Who will be the prom king or queen?
  • Who will get into MIT or Harvard?

It also happens that you cannot marry a girl you love because she dumps you for a better looking and a richer man. There is also competition at every stage in western world. There is competition for promotions. There is competition for elections. You won't believe the kind of dirty laundry the politicians excavate for putting their opponent down. There is competition amongst movie stars for roles. There is competition amongst musicians. There is competition to be even the most controversial person. Just see any reality show. They are trying to one up each other by doing the most ridiculous things.

Life is hard for everybody. I mean everybody. Obama's life is very hard. He started with a head full of black hair. Now, his head is full of grey hair. Your expectations of what is hard keeps on changing as you move from one circumstance to another. An Indian person would be very happy if the power cut lasts for only 1 hour. He would say, "The power has returned in just 1 hour." An American person would say, "I am upset that there was a power failure and it lasted a whole hour." An IIT student would say, "I am very sad that I only got a package of 8 lacs." A lower ranked college student would say, "I am very happy that I got a package of 5 lacs."

So, life is hard for everybody. Just, your expectations of what is hard keeps on changing.

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