Why is the brain-drain increasing in India from the IT fraternity?

[A2A] I think it is reducing at least in IITs. An increasingly smaller number of IIT students are going abroad. I am sorry, but I don't have any data on other colleges, but I can imagine them not wanting to return to work in India in the IT industry because the working conditions in India are much worse than US. People have to work long hours and they have to work at odd timings because they have clients in US.

I feel sorry for my countrymen because they feel that they are so dependent on the foreigners for their jobs, so they are extremely compliant with their employers. Indians are sort of "dream" employees for these MNCs because they don't create fuss. They work long and odd hours without complaining. I am not sure why more employees in India don't complain about the poor working conditions. If they really wanted to improve their working condition, they could do it, but they are too scared of losing their job. I wish we were more bold and strong to take a stand.

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