Why not many people tend to learn Hindi as they do with other languages like French or German or Japanese?

Money. Follow the money. Most of the passion is driven by money.

If your passion can give you money and fame, it is considered good. If someone’s passion is to play cricket in India, people would encourage him, because it can possibly give him money and fame. “Follow your passion, son.” Now, if the same person plays a lot of kanche (marbles), people will call him stupid. Although, if you look at it, there is no difference in principle. Both are games for entertainment.

Most rich Hindi speakers already know English and speak in English in professional settings. So, there is no benefit to learning Hindi. Whereas, it is possible to get a high paying job by learning German or French or Japanese. There are many people in America who are teaching their children Chinese as second or third language because they expect China to be a rich country in the future.

Not many people tend to learn Swahili either.

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