Would Professor Brijesh Kumar review 3 Idiots? How did he find the movie? Which parts of it appealed to him and which parts were annoying?

I am not going to do a full dissection of the movie, but rather emphasize the main lesson of the movie. I know most of you would have enjoyed that your teachers were being made fun of, or their archaic methods of teaching were destroyed by the protagonist  or the annoying maggu got what was due to him at the end of the movie. Some of you might have missed the theme of the movie in all the masala.

The theme was: "One should do something according to one's interest and aptitude, rather than to make money or out of social pressure." Just by addressing this one point, we can make so much progress. Everyone can contribute optimally to the society. Right now, good musicians are doing engineering. Good artists are doing engineering. Good mathematicians are doing engineering. And, wait for it, wait for it….. Good scientists and engineers are doing banking. The problem is not just with the teachers or the students, the problem is with the setup of the society.

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