Would you accept mediocrity in your kids?

I would be scared to be your son/daughter. No one really wants to work in such conditions, but sometimes, one may not have the ability or the will to fight in extremely competitive world. Moreover, if you put too much pressure on your children to "excel" it may lead them to take extreme steps such as suicide or leaving home.

This is a real problem in India where everybody wants to send their children to engineering colleges and they make them work hard even if they do not like science/math. And, it is leading to disastrous results.

Children should be taught basic responsibility but they should not be forced to do something. Usually, some hard work is required to achieve anything, but, even after sincere effort, they are not able to achieve something, we should let them be and choose a different path. It makes the life easy for both parents and children.

If you put too much pressure, they would not even achieve what they normally would if such pressure was not present.

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